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AMP comments not working in WordPress — AMP Problems

AMP comments not working is a common problem for WordPress-based blog sites. In the article below, we tell you how to fix the AMP comments problem.

Key Points

  • AMP versiyonundaki yorumların çalışmasının en temel temeli antispam eklentileridir.
  • In some cases, manually placing the comments on the page via shortcode can solve the problem.
  • Have you checked the “Change endpoint in your AMP” option? Having this option checked sometimes causes problems.

Comments in AMP version not working

Websites are often polluted with spam comments. This results in us needing antispam plugins.

Antispam plugins quickly fix this problem. This results in completely forgetting this plugin that does our job. This is where the problem starts.

Solution: Usually the root cause of this problem is antispam software that is no longer updated. If so, disable the antispam plugin first for solution. Probably your problem will be solved.

Because old version antispam plugins usually prevent the transition from AMP to desktop version. Therefore, your AMP users cannot leave comments on your site.

There are many new generation antispam plugins in the plugin store right now. We recommend installing any of them.

The problem is not caused by the antispam plugin!

If the problem is not related to the antispam plugin, this time we need to follow another method.

This method will probably solve our problem.

Plugins like “Comments Shordcode” are available in the plugin store. Install one of these plugins. Add this shortcode for comment wherever you want on your page.

Endpoint in your AMP option

Sometimes this problem can be taken care of with just one click. You just need to disable “Change endpoint in your AMP”.

It is possible to do this from the Panel>Settings>Advance Settings tab.

If none of these solutions worked, it might make sense to add the Facebook comments plugin to your site.

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