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How a Country Turkey? | Cultural and Sociological Situation in Turkey

How a Country Turkey? What are the characteristic features of the Turks? Turkey is a democratic country. In other words, it is unique in this aspect in the Middle East. Turks make up the majority of the population in the country. Turks migrated from the Central Asian geography to the Anatolian geography about a thousand years ago. In other words, Turks are not of the same ethnicity as Arabs and Persians. They succeeded in establishing powerful states such as the Ottoman and Seljuk Empire in Anatolia. These empires had the strongest armies for a long time in the Middle Ages. During this period, Turks remained the sole rulers of Egypt, Arab geography and the Balkans for hundreds of years.

With the weakening of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish administration lost most of its lands. Turkish nationalists organized under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal prevented the invasion of Anatolia. Thus, a new and secular state was established. Tourism has developed in the country. There are famous beaches such as Patara, Iztuzu and Kaputaş.

How a Country Turkey?

Mustafa Kemal valued Islam as a unique part of Anatolian culture. However, according to him, religion and state affairs should be separate. So Turkey is a secular state. Today religious and secular people in Turkey live intertwined. There are no big social class differences between them. The conflict between proponents of Western lifestyle and conservative circles is ideological. There is no segregation in the social layer. People of different views are close friends with one another many times.

Turkey is a bridge between the Middle East and Europe. Therefore, just like its location, it can be considered neither a Western nor an Eastern country. Some Western values in the country have been accepted as norms accepted by all citizens. However, some Eastern values are also seen as indisputable truths. Turks are aware of this situation. As a matter of fact, the theme known as the East-West crisis has been the most studied subject of Turkish literature for years, etc. The Disconnected (Oğuz Atay), Felatun Bey and Rakım Efendi (Ahmet Mithat).

Turkey in Cold War Period

Turkey was an indispensable ally for Western countries during the Cold War period. However, after this period ends, Turkey has been left alone by the Western world in many problems. This situation became visible in 2000 as a major economic crisis. As a result of Turkey not see enough support from the Western allies, new insights gained power in Turkey can be described as a return to the essence. These new insights have been established, assay modernization ideas. In Turkey has important cultural code to take inspiration from the Turkish history. Because the Turks have established many powerful empires in history. For this reason, as the idea that the West has a hypocritical attitude has spread among the Turkish people, the desire to be inspired by its own culture has increased.

How a country Turkey, according to Turkish?

Turks are a nation that prides itself on their language and culture regardless of their views. They do not like to have their internal affairs talked about by strangers. Although they criticize each other mercilessly among themselves, they generally take care to remain in unity against the outside world. This situation is expressed in a proverb: Even if the arm is broken, it must remain in the dress. (Kol kırılır yen içerisinde kalır.)

Turks are a nation that loves shopping. Therefore, Turkey is also a center of attraction for foreign investors. For example, in the Covid-19 pandemic, Turkey has been the country is car sales rate has increased most rapidly. Due to this consumption demand, the biggest problem of the Turkish economy is high inflation.

Turkish people are known for their hospitality and hygiene. Again, Turkish food has an important place in the world.


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How a Country Turkey? | Cultural and Sociological Situation in Turkey
How a Country Turkey? | Cultural and Sociological Situation in Turkey
How a Country Turkey? What are the characteristic features of the Turks? Who are the Turks? Are Turks Arab? Is it secular Turkey?
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